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Finding the perfect antivirus software for your needs can be a challenging and complicated process, even for the most tech savvy, Top5AntivirusSites will provide you clear reviews and comparisons to help beginners and experts alike find the best one. 

Information found online can often be filled with technical jargon that is difficult, if not impossible to understand without basic technical knowledge. But the fact is, if you want to protect your hardware, files and private information, finding an efficient and effective antivirus protection is a must!

So whether you are fluent in tech jargon or not, you still need to find a way to purchase the antivirus that best suits your needs.

We created Top5AntivirusSites.com with the goal of providing people with information, reviews, and comparisons between different antivirus products so that you can better understand what to look for and make an educated decision based on that information. Our team constantly reviews antivirus programs and provides detailed information on their features, strengths, weaknesses, price and more. Whilst our team consists of very technologically-oriented people, we make sure to write the reviews in a language everyone can understand, so that anyone can benefit from the information we provide. Every detailed review includes a bottom line, providing you with a one-line overview of the product.

Whether you're unsure what kind of product you need, or if you simply can't decide between different solutions, our website will help you figure it out. We cover all the bases, from antivirus software for corporations, to small but effective products for personal use. Do you need adult-content filters for your kids, or a product that provides complete backup of your files? There are countless available features out there and it's our job to help you understand which features are most important to your needs. Once you know that, it's only a matter of seeing reviews and comparisons of relevant products and deciding based on their score and price which you prefer to purchase or try out.

At Top5AntivirusSites.com, we know how fast paced the antivirus world can be. New viruses appear every day and antiviruses need to keep up with the latest technology. Because of this, we make sure to update all of our reviews on an ongoing basis to ensure that you are always reading relevant and up-to-date information. A great antivirus program one day can be at the bottom of the list the next simply because it lacks one feature that has suddenly become crucial to effectively protect your computer and your information.

Whatever your security protection needs are, at Top5AntivirusSites.com you are sure to find all of the information you need in one convenient place.



The Antivirus Glossary

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