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Founded on the shores of Lake Constance in 1986, Avira has grown into a leading name in IT security, with top industry awards and over 100 million users worldwide. Today, the company has over 500 employees and provides both premium and free antivirus products in addition to advanced security suites for complete protection.

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There are many very useful features available to users, however we will cover the most prominent ones below.

Real-Time Protection

Avira offers real time protection against all possible threats to your files and identity, even those not considered “viruses”, such as PUPs. The system scanner allows you to quickly scan your entire computer system for any existing threats, in order to quarantine and remove them. You can also configure the System Scanner settings to search for all types of files or specific extensions, change the priority level of the scanner, and turn other sub-features on or off using a simple check list.

Cloud Protection

The antivirus uses real-time cloud protection to protect you against the latest threats that don’t even appear in the database yet. This is a very efficient way of ensuring that your identity, financial data, files, and privacy are always safe, even against the newest types of attacks.

Email Protection

Turning “Mail Protection” on will ensure that any malicious links or files are completely blocked before they can cause any damage.

Safe Browsing

The “Safe Browsing” feature is very useful if you browse websites often. This feature simply ensures that you never visit a harmful website as it quickly blocks it before the site even loads.

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The interface design of Avira’s antivirus program is very sleek, modern, and easy to understand. Using mostly toggle buttons, it simplifies things for non-technical users. All the main and important features are on the main screen, allowing users to easily scan their computer, turn certain features on or off, and change to game mode without having to search through complicated settings.
The more “complex” features and settings are easily accessible through the sidebar menu on the left, making things very convenient and straightforward for all types of users.

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Pricing Options

You can purchase a 1-year subscription of Avira Ultimate Protection Suite for 1 device, or take advantage of the discount for 3 devices.

1 Device 3 Device
61.99 USD 93.99 USD
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Help & Support

Avira provides numerous support options for paying customers. In addition to the standard help & support options available (i.e. 24-hour email and phone support), users have access to extensive FAQ and articles on the website. Additional support can be provided directly from the interface by clicking the “Ask the Community” button at the bottom right of the screen. This allows you to chat with an Avira expert to assist with any problem you may be having using remote access.

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Avira Ultimate Protection Suite really has everything you need to protect your PC and Android device against all possible threats from all fronts. Rest easy knowing you can visit your social networks, download files, read your emails, and shop online without having to worry about malicious attacks, identity theft, and intrusions to your personal files and PC.
Visit the Avira website to purchase a security subscription that’s perfect for your needs.

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  • Malcolm

    This is a rip off. it doesn’t install on a mac and is difficult to uninstall, get help or a refund.. do not get this its awful

  • Frodo

    Their gamer mode is awesome!!


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