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First launched in 2002, BullGuard is still one of the fastest growing brands in the web and desktop security industry. Today, BullGuard offers a range of products that cover every possible security threat, including identity theft, mobile security, internet security, and protection against viruses. With our growing reliance on “being connected” a strong antivirus program that can provide an efficient protection is a must.

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One of the things that really stand out about BullGuard Internet Security is the number of automatic features it has. This is great for users who aren’t very tech savvy or simply don’t have the time to waste configuring software. For maximum protection, BullGuard is easily installed on Win 7 / 8 / 10 / xp / Vista, the rest is done automatically with default settings already optimized to protect the user’s identity and files.


When it comes to protection against malicious software, or malware, you need something that knows how to detect any and all kinds of threats. BullGuard’s antivirus protection protects against Trojans, worms, malware and spyware and covers all possible vulnerability points. The software scans your computer to search for threats already installed on your PC and includes a real-time protection feature that detects possible threats when users download and install new apps. Unlike other antivirus products that detect threats based on a list of known viruses, BullGuard uses what they call “behavioral detection” to identify threats based on the actions they take on your computer, actions which are usually associated with security breaches.


The “Safe Browsing” feature protects your computer and your personal information while you browse. Not all websites are safe and some pose serious security threats such as hidden malicious code, undetected phishing attacks, spyware and malware. BullGuard warns you of suspicious websites before you even attempt to visit them by adding a simple icon in search results on Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook. Safe websites will appear with a green check icon beside the title, whereas suspicious websites will have a red stop sign beside the title.
Additional features include gamer mode, email protection, automatic scans of external drives when connected, PC tune-ups and backups. Once purchased, free version updates are available. Users can choose to have BullGuard check for updates automatically or do it manually at their convenience.

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BullGuard Internet Security has a very easy to understand user interface with all of their features available on the main screen as large and clear icons. No technical knowledge is required at all, not even for the more advanced features like creating parental control profiles or defining specific settings, which makes it very user-friendly.

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Pricing Options

The price of BullGuard Internet Security varies depending on your usage needs.

1 year 2 years 3 years
3 PCs, 5GB storage space 59.95 USD 95.95 USD 119.95 USD

• Additional storage space – 10 GB for 10 USD, 25 GB for 40 USD, 50GB for 85 USD, 100 GB for 166 USD.
• Additional PCs- 5 PCs for 24 USD, 10 PCs for 81 USD.
• “Install and Setup” service- the company will install and set the software up according to the user’s specific needs – 59.95 USD.

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Help & Support

Support is provided in all shapes and forms, from chat and email to FAQ and forums. Chat support in English is available 24/7 and the response time is very fast (usually under a minute). Additional languages are available via chat 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM CET: Dutch, German, French, Swedish, and Danish. Support in Chinese is available via email only.

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BullGuard Internet Security is an efficient product that provides protection on all channels while still being very easy to use and understand, making it particularly appealing to users without any technical knowledge or background.
Click below and find the BullGuard package that’s right for you.

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Laurie Dunn
Laurie can be called a highly creative person, successfully juggling her work and family time. As a career-mother busily analyzing data and her children’s grades, Laurie’s best achievement is managing a team of specialists. Laurie is our “It” girl when it comes to computer safe keeping.
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  • Andrew G

    I have been searching for an antivirus and going cross-eyed in the process. Having read so many reviews I remember one saying a particular a/v didn’t do pc cleanup in the uk. Does the bullguard Premium work in this respect (as well as all other functions) in the uk?

    • Laurie Dunn

      Hi Andrew,
      Bullguard’s Premium antivirus software should have no problem protecting your PC in the UK. For more information on the PC cleanup tool and other types of protection, you can check out this article.

  • Alan Bohm

    Now with Bullguard – very happy and no problems. Previously with McAffee which was a disaster with many infections and problems.

  • Jim

    I use K9 protection to prevent access to gambling sites, will Bullguard work with this

  • Bill

    I’ve had Bullguard for two years now. No problems! I can’t say that about
    the two big name companies I had before Bullguard.

  • Laura Rogers

    I’m so fed up with unwanted toolbars that appear on my browser. With BullGuard “Unwanted applications” feature getting rid of them is easy.

  • Penny

    I just bought my new Cyber Power Gamer Ultra Desktop 8.1 AMD FX series with 16 GB Memory and 2TB hard drive . it came with the software disk for Trend Micro Internet Security, Do I need to buy an Antivirus program also to go with this. or do you have a better one you would recommend as I have not put the soft wear on my computer yet please help ? thank you

    • Laurie Dunn

      Congrats for the new gear Penny! I am sure you spent good money on it and you probably expect to use & enjoy it for a long time. In order for you to do that, we definitely recommend to gear up with the proper full protection! Trend Micro is not a brand we review on our site but from our knowledge, this particular Internet Security will not provide you a full comprehensive protection. Without any doubt, the brands we feature on our site can give you the peace of mind you need, for example : McAfee‘s Total Protection (using it myself for the past 2 years), Bullguard‘s Premium protection etc. Take the time and go over our comparison table to choose the brand you prefer the most and let us know if you have any questions.
      Good luck!

  • Aaron

    Great review, Laurie! Bullguard is an awesome product and a very simple one indeed for someone who doesn’t master in computers and software. Thanks for recommending!

    • Laurie Dunn

      Your’e very welcome, Aaron! I’m sure Bullguard will serve you the best. it’s really very simple and user friendly, as you said. Thank you!


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Bullguard Internet Security Review