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eScan is a product brought to us by MicroWorld, a pioneer company in the field of information security which began in 1993. eScan continues to win awards every year for their ability to catch and remove even the most challenging threats to users’ privacy and files.

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Besides having a very powerful antivirus engine that protects against viruses, trojans, spyware, and other malicious threats, eScan offers a number of additional useful features.

Updates Your OS

While other antivirus products may be able to notify you of updates to your operating system that need to be downloaded and installed, eScan goes one step further and does all of the work for you. Total Suite with Cloud Security checks for updates required to patch up any possible vulnerabilities and installs them automatically without any required interference by the user.

Cloud Protection

eScan uses cloud technology to collect relevant information from its millions of other users worldwide. That information is used to detect and stop new threats that rise every day in the digital world and keep your PC protected without having to wait for traditional updates based on known virus signatures.

Virtual Keyboard

Users can access a virtual keyboard to type in sensitive information like login passwords to personal accounts or payment and shipping details. The virtual keyboard encrypts the information and protects the user against key loggers – malicious coding that records your keystrokes and sends what you typed to an external source.

Comprehensive Email Protection

There are two main email protection features: “Mail Antivirus” and “Anti-Spam”. Mail Antivirus scans your emails for any dangerous attachments and prevents you from opening them and the Anti-Spam feature has a phishing filter to keep you safe from identity theft.

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Total Suite with Cloud Security offers users quite a lot of features, each with its own detailed settings and configuration options to make it fully customizable to the user’s needs. As a result, users without any technical knowledge or time to sift through all of the options available to them may not find this the easiest interface to use. The main screen of the program has a nice sleek design and easy to understand navigation. Once installed, antivirus protection, cloud protection, the firewall, and endpoint security are all automatically turned on so users can simply install the software and let it work in the background. Privacy control, however, do require manual configuration before it is activated, as do other features like mail antivirus, anti-spam, and identity protection.

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Pricing Options

The cost of eScan Total Suite with Cloud Security changes according to the amount of years needed:

1 year 2 years 3 years
55.95 USD 89.52 USD 109.66 USD

Users interested in purchasing multiple licenses can find additional pricing options for up to 5 users.

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Help & Support

Help and support is provided in all forms on the eScan website. Users can find detailed information about each product and its features in the FAQ and tutorials and further assistance is provided 24/7 by the technical team via email, phone, and chat.

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eScan Total Suite with Cloud Security offers an array of very useful features and configuration options that, all together, provide the user with maximum protection against any possible threats. Users that are not interested in spending time on the more advanced features can still easily install the software and have it protect their files and information in the background as they work.

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  • Elliot Bell

    Virtual keyboard?!
    Never heard of that but will use it if it encrypts my information.


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