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Founded over 25 years ago, ESET has become one of the most popular providers of internet security products today. Their flagship antivirus, NOD32, has been used by millions around the globe for years, and their premium version, ESET Smart Security now has add features like Banking and Payment Protection. . Both have basked in numerous awards over the years. Currently, ESET has over 110 million users that are being protected from viruses, identity theft, spam, and more. It all started when two friends discovered one of the first computer viruses back in 1987. Since then, it has evolved and developed into a world-leading security provider based on advanced heuristic detection technology, which predicts emerging viruses and develops defenses before they can do any harm.

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ESET Smart Security has many features that are very useful to keeping your personal information, files, and identify safe. There are a number of them, however, that stand out and make this already useful product a true security asset.

Web Access Protection

This feature is a must in any antivirus, and it works great in ESET Smart Security. It allows you to browse websites without having to worry about those that seem suspicious or strange. If you try to visit a website with malicious content, ESET will stop you and warn you before you move forward. The feature works automatically when ESET Smart Security is installed, but you can also manually add a list of websites that you want to block or allow at all times.


This is a really cool feature that protects your laptop from theft. Once you finish installing, you’ll be asked to either enter an Anti-Theft user or create one. After you do, you can find your computer and catch the thieves if it is ever stolen. This feature lets you activate the camera on your laptop and take snapshots of the thieves. It also lets you see their location on the map so that you can report them and get your PC back.

Banking and Payment Protection

This feature is automatically turned on when you install ESET Smart Security. It provides protection when you’re on banking and payment websites so that your information is secure and you don’t have to worry about identity theft. In order to use it, you must configure it but it only takes a few minutes.

ESET LiveGrid Feedback System

When installing ESET Smart Security, you can opt to enable the ESET LiveGrid feedback system. This increases your level of protection by using, as ESET says, the “power of numbers”. Here’s how it works: ESET collects information from users who have enabled this feature in order to detect suspicious objects and behavior. This allows them to create detection mechanisms in their cloud system, which are then applied to all of their customers to increase their security. By enabling this feature, you help ESET provide you and the rest of their users with even more advanced protection as more and more viruses and threats emerge every day.

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ESET Smart Security offers advanced security features in a very easy to use interface. The design is modern and sleek and the main features are prominent and simple to understand and use. While there are much more advanced settings and features available, users do not need to access them in order to benefit from the protection that ESET Smart Security provides.

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Pricing Options

ESET Smart Security is available for different prices depending on the number of years and computers the subscription is for.

Computers 2 years 3 years
1 Computer 59.99 USD 89.99 USD
2 Computers 69.99 USD 104.99 USD
3 Computers 79.99 USD 119.99 USD
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Help & Support

ESET offers support in all forms and it can be accessed either from their website or directly from the interface by clicking “Help and Support” in the side menu. If you have any problems with the product, or if you have trouble removing a certain virus, you can access tutorials, forums, and FAQ, or you can simply email, call, or chat with a support representative for a faster solution.

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ESET has always been one of the best choices when it comes to securing your computers and that hasn’t changed. ESET Smart Security is a great product for efficient protection when browsing, shopping, downloading, emailing, and more.

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ESET Smart Security Review