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Intego has nearly two decades as one of the leading and most reliable companies in the field of Mac and iOS security.
Founded in 1997, the company’s security suites for Mac computers, iPhones, and iPads are designed to meet the needs of non-technical users as well as advanced developers and security experts. Intego’s products have received many awards for their user-friendliness and the efficiency of their many security and privacy features.

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The Intego Bundle X9 brings together five main products. Each of these has their own bundle of features and capabilities, all working together to provide maximum security, privacy and performance for Mac users.

Virus Barrier

The Virus Barrier is the core antivirus product, and it constantly scans and protects your computer against all types of threats, from trojans and worms to spyware and adware. It even detects malware that operates on Windows to prevent your Mac from being a carrier and passing the virus along to someone else.
Round-the-clock real-time protection ensures that your computer is safe from hacking tools, vulnerabilities, keyloggers, and more.

Net Barrier

The Net Barrier is Intego’s firewall. It shows you all of the applications connected to and using the internet. This includes ingoing and outgoing bandwidth.
It works with three profiles: home, public, and work, and you can switch between the profiles and monitor the activity in order to block or allow specific connections. This helps you identify suspicious applications and stop them before they do any damage. You also get notified automatically whenever an application attempts to access the network, so that you can allow or deny access at any time.

Content Barrier

If you are interested in parental control features, the Content Barrier has everything you need. Not only can you block specific websites, but you can also block specific keywords or sites that require HTTPS.
You can also create a whitelist of sites that you allow access to, and control multiple accounts so that you can restrict specific access to one user and allow it to another. You can also review the history of sites visited in each account you manage, and monitor or block chats when needed. An email will be sent to you automatically of questionable content is detected in a chat. These are only a few of the monitoring capabilities here, and there are many more, from keystroke recording to blocking inappropriate emails.

Washing Machine

A very straightforward system cleaner, this feature highlights files that may be slowing down your computer and allows you to delete duplicates and unnecessary files, as well as organize your desktop.

Personal Backup

Use this feature to create backups of important files and folders on local or remote drives. You can create bootable backups in case of Mac failure, or synchronization backups when working from two locations at once. One of the more convenient features is the scheduled backups, so that you don’t forget to backup your files from time to time.

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While not all of the features are in one single interface in the bundle, which can be inconvenient, each one is easy to use and understand. Every feature has clear explanations and the controls and settings are straightforward and can be used by users without any technical knowledge.

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Pricing Options

Prices vary depending on the subscription time and the number of computers you plan on using it for.
The Bundle X9 costs $69.99 for one year and one computer, or $139.99 for one year and three computers.
Depending on the package you choose, you can add $10-$20 for the dual protection feature which provides security on your Windows device as well through Intego’s partnership with Panda.

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Help & Support

The website’s support center includes quite a lot of information. You can find articles and tutorials to help you learn more about using the software, or contact technical support for more one-on-one assistance. Their support is offered around the clock via phone, email, and ticket system. You can also post questions to the community forum if you require additional help.

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This is a great Mac bundle, especially due to the number of features that take care of everything from computer and network security to parental control and performance. It really is an all-in-one bundle, although the fact that it is not all available via a single interface sometimes makes it less user-friendly than it could be. That being said, it is still highly recommended, and all of the bundle products are installed in one organized folder to make things easier. Each feature works excellently and easily and anyone with a Mac would benefit from it.

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  • Kerry Dawson

    I would agree this is a good package with a long mac history behind it. The only thing I’m not keen on with this product is the frequency it acts you to approve an applications use of the system. Eventually this settles down but at first it is very annoying


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