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MacKeeper is that rare animal; an Apple Mac antivirus product. It aims to be more than a mere security product by offering a full suite of optimization and trouble-shooting tools.
Developed by an award-winning tech company, the software has a global presence and is used by Mac users around the world, with offices in Germany, Ukraine, and the United States.
According to MacKeeper, the company’s main goal is to be a leader in security and optimization solutions for Mac computers. They develop their own Mac antivirus software but also invest in other relevant technologies that they believe can benefit their users and the industry in general.

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MacKeeper has quite a lot of features, which is obvious as soon as you install the software and check out the side menu.

Geek on Demand

This is a very unique feature. If you have technical questions, you can post them by clicking this feature in the interface, and an Apple-certified professional will get back to you with a solution within 48 hours.

Internet Security

The MacKeeper interface allows you to add the “Internet Security” feature in order to prevent credit card fraud, identity theft, malware, spyware, and more. The virus database is updated up to 5 times a day, and you get safe browsing so that you can use the internet with real-time protection.


This is a great feature if you use your Mac in public places. By setting a password and locking your screen, you can prevent any thieves from accessing your personal files. In addition, you can track your Mac’s location and even get a snap of the thief if they try to log into your laptop.

Memory Cleaner

If you use a lot of video, audio, or graphics editing apps, you may notice your computer getting slower with time. This feature optimizes your Mac’s RAM and increases performance. You can have it run automatically so that you can save time and work on a computer that is always working optimally.

Duplicates Finder

This neat feature finds duplicate or clone files on your hard drive so that you can erase them and clear out some space. You can create an ignore list if there are files you don’t want to be notified about, or use smart filters to prevent the removal of specific types of files, like MP3s.

Smart Uninstaller

When you delete something from your Mac, sometimes unwanted files are left behind. This feature looks for these left-over files and helps you remove them easily and quickly. Again, this should have a positive impact on system speed and memory

Files Recovery

What happens if you didn’t back up your files and mistakenly erase something important? If you’re lucky, you can recover the deleted files with this feature. It won’t always work, but after scanning your hard drive, it will recover deleted files if possible.

Data Encryptor

By setting up this feature, you’re basically making sure that all of your important and personal data is completely invisible on your hard drive. This hidden information is password protected, so only you can see and access it, and it uses double password protection and advanced encryption standards for maximum security.
There are many more features in the MacKeeper product, including file backup, fast cleanup, a shredder and more.

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The MacKeeper interface is completely in line with Apple products in that it is straightforward, easy to use and understand, and wrapped up in an appealing and clean design.
While there are a lot of features available, they are all clearly labeled and organized neatly in a side menu and each feature has an overview page, a details page, and a video tutorial.
Going through all of these features the first time to figure out which you intend on using and setting up can take time, but day-to-day use of the product is extremely simple. All you have to do is activate a few automatic features and use the 1-click scan button to ensure maximum protection.
Everything works smoothly and simply and even the more advanced features can be used by a non-technical user thanks to the design and content available.

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Pricing Options

There are four packages to choose from, and they differ in price, license duration, and features.
The Basic package is a one-month plan, and it costs $14.95 a month. It does not include features like anti-theft tracking, security updates, 24/7 expert support, and more.
The Standard package is $59.64 for 6 months, which is $9.94 a month, and includes the full version activate and the anti-theft feature.
There are two Premium packages that include all of the features. The only difference is the duration of the license.
One can be purchased for 12 months at $95.40, which is $7.95 a month, and the second is for 24 months at $118.80, which is $4.95 a month.

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Help & Support

Support can be accessed via the website or the interface. On the website, anyone can view the FAQ and the tutorials. You can also call or email the support team at any time. Additional support is offered directly from the MacKeeper interface, which includes 24/7 chat and the “Geek on Demand” feature where you can ask technical questions about your Mac and get a professional answer from Apple-certified experts.

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MacKeeper is a great solution for Mac users looking to increase their security online and offline. It prevents you from downloading harmful files, accessing dangerous websites, and protects against phishing scams and email threats. For users that don’t want to spend much time worrying about their security, the basic features provide great protection with only a couple of clicks to scan from time to time. The advanced features can be used by anyone, whether they have any technical experience or not.

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