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Panda Security is an international company founded in Spain in 1990. It quickly grew and expanded and by 1995 was already the market leader in Spain. In 1996, Panda Security began to expand to international markets and has since become one of the leading names in internet security. With offices in 80 countries, products in 23 languages, and millions of users spread out over 195 countries worldwide, Panda Security is considered one of the most effective security products provider for home and office use. They were the first IT security company in the world to use “Collective Intelligence” technology, which harnesses the power of the cloud in order to automatically analyze thousands of malware samples every day so that they can continue to detect the latest threats as they pop up and provide top security to private users and businesses alike.

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Panda Global Protection  has a great interface with accessible features that any user can understand and enjoy.

Process Monitor

The Process Monitor is a great tool that allows you to see exactly which processes are currently running on your computer, which are accessing the internet, and which may be a threat. Panda Global Protection shows you the threat level of each process, ranging from completely secure to a high threat level. More information about each process and its threat level can be seen by simply clicking the process in the list.

Rescue Kit

This is a great feature that can be a life saver if you ever truly need it. The Rescue Kit contains two main disinfection tools, one allows you to create a “rescue USB drive”, which you can later use to boot an infected PC, and the second uses Panda Cloud Cleaner to detect advanced viruses that may be missed by traditional scanners (for use when you suspect your computer is infected). Additional tools can be accessed by clicking the “Other disinfection tools” link at the bottom of the interface.

PC Tune-Up

Always a great and very useful feature to have, the PC Tune-up feature allows you to free up space on your PC, defragment drives, and even schedule cleanups.

Wi-Fi Monitor

The Wi-Fi Monitor allows you to see information about the network you’re connected to, such as the router, encryption, and signal strength. What makes it useful is that you can also see what other devices are connected to the same network so that you can easily spot any unwelcome intruders.
Additional and very useful features include Firewall, Parental Control, File Shredder, Virtual Keyboard, and more.

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The Panda Global Protection interface has a design that greatly resembles the app screen of Windows 8. All of the features appear clearly in colorful blocks. The user need only click the feature they are interested in accessing and continue to edit the settings or activate that feature. Users who prefer a list view of the features can click the arrow at the top of the interface to view a list of all of the features available to them.
The product itself is very simple and easy to use and does not require any technical knowledge for maximum security.

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Pricing Options

Panda Global Protection  is available for different prices depending on the subscription length and the number of computers you need it for.

1 year 2 years 3 years
69.99 USD 119.99 USD 153.99 USD
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Help & Support

Panda provides a lot of support-related information on their website, including links to video tutorials on YouTube, FAQ, and a community forum. If additional assistance is required, users can send an email to their support team.

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Panda Global Security  is a great product for home and office users interested in safely browsing the internet without worrying about malicious threats. It is suitable for both technical and non-technical users, has a very intuitive interface, and includes many useful and convenient features for all users.

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    Bad service tried to renew after paying codes didn't work and they send me some links that did not work either. They told me if a tech would assist me had to pay. I asked for a refund was told to wait 30 days. Customer is not important money is .

    Poor customer service

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    Great value for the money!

    Just wanted to say that this brand is a big surprise. Although it is not one of the big names, it sure can deliver, glad I took the chance to try it, i just started using it and so far so good, I hope it will stay that way.

    Scott Chapman
    United States

Panda Security Review