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The award-winning VIPRE is one of the most comprehensive antivirus software products currently available. It provides maximal security for computers, laptops and Android smartphones and tablets against viruses, trojans, spam, malware, and other new and developing threats.
As the VIPRE homepage helpfully points out, there are over half a billion online threats, and that number keeps growing by the second. VIPRE provides all of the protection that your devices need against familiar threats, such as identity theft, not to mention others that you might not even be familiar with.

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VIPRE is easy to install and launch on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. After installation it will automatically run in the background, scan your computer, and keep it safe without overburdening the CPU and slowing it down. VIPRE’s unique features also allow you to customize your protection.

Always-On Protection

Real-Time Monitoring and Protection and All-In-One PC

  • Security: scans your computer regularly to make sure that it is always protected against threats. It can also wake up your computer to scan it. Scans will detect and clean infected files on your computer. You have the option to choose how often scans will be performed.
    High-Performance Anti-Malware Engine: VIPRE combines antivirus with anti-spyware for greater security for your computer. This technology is also designed in order to not slow down your computer.
  • Automatic Updates: VIPRE will automatically update itself as often as every 30 minutes to makes sure that your antivirus is equipped to handle the latest threats.
  • Advanced Anti-Rootkit Technology: VIPRE will automatically update itself as often as every 30 minutes to makes sure that your antivirus is equipped to handle the latest threats.

Online Security

  • Edge Protection: This keeps your computer safe from all of the latest threats by protecting your web browsers and their components. This feature stops exploits and other online threats from being downloaded to your computer, thus preventing you from accidently downloading harmful files.
  • Search Guard: Ensures your web surfing experience is a risk free one. It allows you to surf the web safely, and identifies links that could potentially infect your computer with viruses and other threats.
  • Email Virus Protection: a major vulnerability point in your online life is your email account, and VIPRE has that covered. This feature protects against email viruses in Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and other email programs that use POP3 and SMTP. It scans your incoming and outgoing emails, and protects you from phishing scams that try to steal your information.
  • Social Watch: This feature checks your social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, to make sure that they don’t contain malicious content or links that could infect your computer with malware and other online threats. This also narrows the threats that your social media friends are exposed to.


You can exclude files from VIPRE’s scan, in order to achieve a faster computer scan. VIPRE will also skip scans in laptops, in order to save battery life, if the laptop is not currently charging. Instead it postpones the scan until your device is plugged in.

Removable devices

VIPRE automatically scans removable devices such as USB flash drives and other removable drives for different threats when you connect them to your computer.

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VIPRE antivirus is conveniently downloaded straight to your computer. Once downloaded, it is ready for use, and has default settings built in.
VIPRE is very easy to use. In the user interface there are three main tabs. The My VIPRE tab shows you when your computer was last scanned, when your next scan is scheduled, and if your antivirus is updated. You can also schedule scans on this page.
In your Account tab, you have your product number, your expiration date, help & support and link to the Support Center. You can also easily upgrade your antivirus from this tab.
The Manage tab includes the details of all of the features of VIPRE antivirus, which are divided into four main categories: Antivirus, Updates, Email, and Privacy. In each category you have the related features, and you can choose if, or when, you want to use them. Each feature also comes with a brief explanation that will help you be more informed about your choices.

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Pricing Options

A one-year subscription for one PC costs $39.99, and for up to 3 PCs costs $59.99. A two-year subscription for up to 3 PCs will cost you $89.99, saving you $30. A subscription for up to 5 PCs for one year will cost $89.99, for two years $129.99 and for three years will cost you $179.99. VIPRE Mobile Security Premium for one device for one year will cost you an extra $9.99.
For the price of 9.95$ you can also upgrade your software to VIPRE Internet Security or VIPRE Internet Security Pro, for a range of extra protection features while surfing the internet. It includes anti-intrusion protection, two-way firewall protection, harmful website blocking, and lots more.

Devices 1 years 2 years
1 Devices 39.99 USD N/A USD
2 Devices N/A USD N/A USD
5 Devices 89.99 USD 129.99 USD
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Help & Support

VIPRE for home users has a question feature, through which you can ask for support. On the VIPRE website, you‘ll find solutions to common problems, a phone number for support, and also forums in which experts will answer your questions and/or problems.

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VIPRE provides full protection against viruses, malware, identity theft and other threats, so that your computer and online life can be safe. The user interface is convenient and simple. Once installed, VIPRE protects your computer efficiently, and without slowing it down.
VIPRE Antivirus has a number of packages. Click the button below to choose the one that suits you best.

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Paul Weaver
Paul came to us straight from sunny California. He’s an MBA graduate from Stanford University, specializing in computer and network security. Nowadays he spends his working hours designing and developing secure, safety-critical systems. His most enthused when sharing tips on antiviruses.
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  • Pamala

    I recently found three Hack programs on my computer so I downloaded Malwarebytes and Microsoft Essentials quaranteed them. I was wondering if this would be sufficient for my computer to stay safe or do I need a different virus protection? If I get another one do I need both? Essentials and the new one or the Malwarebytes? I just paid for the upgraded version on the malware program. I do not feel secure and am trying to figure out what would be the best thing to do. Thank You for any help.

    • Paul

      Hi Pamala,

      Glad to hear you got your computer clean! If I understand you correctly, you have since purchased the premium version of MalwareBytes. If so, it should probably be sufficient to keep you safe, although it doesn’t have quite the range of features as some security suites. Since we haven’t yet reviewed MalwareBytes I’m afraid I’m not really able to go into more detail than that.



  • Lee McLaughlin

    Hello, does Vipre come with a tune up feature installed in Vipre Internet Security Pro 2016? Also I would like to know if the beta version for 2017 Internet Security Pro has some sort of tune up? That is something important and that a lot of companies are adding. I sort of scimmed through the summary and may of skipped it. I may like to use the 2017 version beta. I have 1 pc for home use only. No business

    • Paul

      Hi Lee,

      Neither the 2016 or 2017 versions have a tuneup feature, unfortunately.
      Check out the Tuneup Top 5 for our recommended antivirus software with tuneup capabilities. You can find it here.



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Vipre Review