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ZoneAlarm is a product developed by Zone Labs L.L.C and Checkpoint Software Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Checkpoint Software Technologies Ltd. With over 80 million users worldwide, ZoneAlarm is known as one of the most secure antivirus providers on the market, protecting against all forms of malware, spyware, and identity theft. Their latest all-inclusive product, Extreme Security, has all of the features any internet user would need and more.

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There are number of features that make ZoneAlarm 2016 Extreme Security unique and more appealing than other antivirus products.


With over 300,000 new threats launched by cybercriminals every day, it’s almost impossible for antivirus programs to detect and stop every new virus that reaches your computer. Threat Emulation changes that by allowing you to check files before you open them. Once you download a file from an email or website, simply scan it by Extreme Security. The Threat Emulation feature will open your file on a cloud PC and see how it behaves there, warning you immediately if anything suspicious is detected.


The name says it all. Once activated, users can locate their laptop if it is ever stolen or lost and even lock strangers out remotely. To make things even more convenient, you can access your stolen laptop remotely to recover important files.


Optimizes your PC’s performance by removing unused and unneeded files in your registry and cleaning out temporary files to free up disk space.
Additional features include parental control, advanced firewall, online backup, and a privacy toolbar.

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The ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite has a very simple and easy to understand design. The 3 main categories are on the home screen: Antivirus & Firewall, Web & Privacy, and Mobility & Data. Users can click any one of these to see all of the features in each category and turn them on or off, or edit the advanced settings. Navigation is very intuitive and simple and users aren’t required to have a technical background to use the more advanced features and settings. That being said, they don’t have to. Extreme Security already has all of its important features turned on when installed for maximum protection. When installing, users can choose between two modes: Max Security Mode for manual control of all of the features and settings, or Auto Learn, which configures settings based on the user’s behavior.

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Pricing Options

The ZoneAlarm Extreme Security suite can fit up to 3 PCs, with pricing depending on the number of subscription plan years in question.

1 year 2 years
29.95 USD 79.95 USD
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Help & Support

Users that require assistance with the product or its features can browse the FAQ, tutorials, or community forum from the ZoneAlarm website, or contact technical support via live chat which is available 24/7.

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ZoneAlarm is a classic provider of antivirus and antispyware products and has always been a favorite among internet users. Extreme Security is highly recommended for all types of users, including gamers, parents, and users with or without a technological background. It works efficiently to protect against all threats, even those nearly undetectable by other antivirus programs, and works silently in the background without compromising the PC’s performance or speed.

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Julia Thomas
Julia is known for creating trusted computer systems, and correcting technical issues. Julia enjoys taking her computer systems knowledge and turning it into valuable content to help users make great decisions. After work you’ll usually catch her enjoying a nice dinner with friends or watching a good movie.
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  • Deborah Crowe

    I am looking to get a new Software protection I have Vista, if I get a new computer with Windows 10, will I be able to reapply this software to the new computer.

  • TONY


    • Julia

      Hi Tony,

      There’s a great deal at the moment on ZoneAlarm products. You get 70% off the full retail price, which means that ZoneAlarm Pro Antivirus+ 2016 comes in at $19.95.
      Even better – that includes protection for up to 3 PCs.

      You can find out more here.


  • Garth

    will this sofware work on windows vista

    • Julia

      Hi Garth,

      Yes, it’s fully compatible with Vista.

      You can get started with setting up ZoneAlarm on your PC right here.


  • Ryan

    how long will i have after purchase to put on all my devices?

    • Julia

      Hi Ryan,

      There’s no time limit on adding extra devices, as long as you do it within the period of whichever license you decide to purchase.


  • Denny Lowrey

    Will this get fid of any virus that may already be in computer.

    • Julia

      Hi Denny,

      ZoneAlarm is an excellent antivirus program, both for protection against new threats and detection and removal of malware that has already infected your system.

      It should be noted that no AV software is guaranteed to be 100% effective against the millions of threats that exist, but the best are usually 98%+ effective. And ZoneAlarm is certainly among the very best.



    Not at all familiar with this product. Will this take care of spyware, malware as well as viruses? Have Dell laptop , W7 and browse w/ G-Chrome.

  • Bernadettte Boes

    I have Microsoft 10 on my computer and Norton antivirus software. My computer was recently infected with the ZEUS virus. Will this product protect my computer from the ZEUS virus? My Norton antivirus software did not do the job.

    • Julia

      Hi Bernadette,

      Zeus is a notoriously difficult Trojan to detect as it’s designed to fly ‘under the radar’. That’s why it’s become so prevalent online, and why there are no guarantees that even the best AV software will protect you against every threat.
      That being said, ZoneAlarm generally rates highly for virus detection and protection, including ‘zero-day’ threats – malware that hasn’t been seen before.


  • Philip Peterson

    Will this work better than Malwarebytes-Anti malware

    • Julia

      Hi Philip,

      Malwarebytes isn’t a product we’ve reviewed – yet. What I can tell you is that ZoneAlarm is in our number one position for a reason – it combines usability and effectiveness in a way that few competitors match. You can’t really go wrong!

      Sign up via the Top 5 link and get a great discount. Get started here.


  • titan manzer

    can I get a disk for the same price

    • Julia

      Hi Titan,

      The prices you see above are an internet-exclusive offer. You’re best bet is to speak to ZoneAlarm customer service for more details on obtaining a CD version of the software.


  • bill

    does it work for windows 10

    • Julia Thomas

      Hi Bill
      Yes Indeed, Zone Alarm will work great for windows 10.
      I am sure you will be satisfied with it.


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    I’m really paranoid when clicking on links and never knowing which links are going to damage my computer or give me a virus.
    I discovered a cool feature on ZoneAlarm that shows me which links are safe to click.


ZoneAlarm Extreme Security Review