It is a common misconception that your iPhone is completely immune to hackers and malware. Because of this, many don’t take security measures and risk having their accounts accessed and their personal information stolen.

Here are a few iPhone security tips to help you secure your most important data :

1. Enable Auto-Lock

The Auto-Lock feature on your phone locks the screen when it has been out of use for a set period of time. This lowers the risk of leaving your phone out for a few minutes and someone else using it.

2. Use a Passcode

It is a passcode lock, requiring that you enter a four-digit code every time your screen is locked. You can specify when the code is required, for example, after one minute of use, one hour, etc.

3. Erase Data

This feature erases your entire phone after 10 failed passcode attempts. After a user makes six failed attempts, the phone will lock itself completely for one minute, increasing the lock time each failed attempt until the phone is wiped.

4. Device Usage Restrictions

You can set restrictions to block content, access to third party applications, and more. This is especially useful for IT administrators and parents with young children.

5. iPhone Malware Protection

See if the antivirus product you use on your PC or Mac at home includes iPhone protection. A lot of security programs include mobile features that can help you protect your device from malware and some even provide iPhone malware removal.

For more information about which antivirus software includes protection for your iPhone, check out our antivirus comparison table.