Keeping your computer up-to-date is an important part of securing your personal files and information. A lot of software updates are actually security patches for vulnerabilities that arise from new malware developments. An up-to-date PC will not only be more secure, but will usually perform faster as well. Here are 5 tips for keeping your PC up-to-date:

1. Windows

Make sure to have Windows automatically download and install updates in order to get the latest security patches as soon as they’re available. These security patches are important and the updates won’t take much of your time.

2. Browser

Your browser will inform you if a new version is available. When it does, take two minutes to download and install it. It could be the difference between surfing securely to identity theft.

3. Security

Whether you’re using one antivirus software that does it all or several different programs to protect your computer and information, make sure to enable automatic downloads. This should include antivirus software, anti-spyware software, and firewalls.

4. Apps

The three “big” apps you probably have on your computer in order to access content on many websites are Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader. Configure these three to update automatically to avoid any security breaches.

5. Software

Most programs don’t automatically download updates and new versions, but they do inform you when a new version is available. Always update to the newest version, especially if the program accesses the internet when you use it (e.g. Skype).

Now, all that is left is following the tips mentioned above and setting yourself free of any worries. Feel free to share your thoughts and tips in the comment box below.