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Tell us, in all honesty: do you have anti-virus software installed on your smartphone? Unless you’re the ultra-cautious type the answer is probably no.

The majority of us tend to be somewhat casual about virus protection for our phones. Maybe it’s because we don’t see them as the always-connected mini computers that they actually are.

But make no mistake, not running an anti-malware app in some form on your Android smartphone or tablet, means that you’re running the risk of infection from corrupted apps and other kinds of malware.VISIT ZONEALARM

In Focus: ZoneAlarm vs McAfee

The options to protect yourself are no less than abundant, and while that is a comfortable thought, it can make it quite a challenge to find the app that suits your preferences best. To make things a bit more comprehensible, we’re comparing the mobile security apps of two well-respected providers, ZoneAlarm and McAfee, which offer the ZoneAlarm Capsule and McAfee Mobile Security products for the protection of your Android device.

Both of these apps offer top-notch malware detection and prevention, as well as an array of privacy and anti-theft features, including the ability to back-up contacts, pictures and other phone contents and data, the option to track your device using its internal GPS chip. You can even set them to snap a picture of a phone thief with the device’s camera!

Many of the available Android security apps come in a free version as well as a paid one. While a free version could be a good starting point for your phone’s protection, our focus is on the premium versions of the apps, for which you obviously have to pay.

You do get a lot in return though, even if you may not be aware of all the options and features these products offer.

Let’s face it: an antivirus app is not the app that you open first when you check your phone. Ideally, It should be something that runs in the background, more or less, performing the task it is designed to do without you looking at it too much. We’re comparing the apps on several criteria, including usability, anti-malware performance and extra features.

ZoneAlarm Capsule: Safeguarding Your Important Personal Information

Are you aware of the fact that a lot of the info that is stored on your phone, is actually public? Obviously, this doesn’t mean that it is there for anyone to see, but specialists in the area of hacking (phones) will have no trouble finding the info they’re looking for, be it passwords for your social media accounts, your login info for your mobile banking app, or even your credit card details.

When you connect to a public Wi-Fi connection for example, this info is easily accessible. To protect your most important information and your identity, ZoneAlarm Capsule encrypts all your financial transactions, making it impossible for hackers to intercept them.

Not only that, ZoneAlarm also makes sure you visit safe sites only, by blocking phishing and other types of malicious websites. This so-called ‘hacker shield’ also prevents hackers from remotely accessing your device, and it informs you which apps require excessive permissions to access your data. That way, you can decide whether you want to continue using them, or block them.

ZoneAlarm also protects your photos, videos and messages from being exposed by means of a VPN (virtual private network) that hides your IP address and location from the public eye. On top of all this, ZoneAlarm blocks dangerous malware and malicious apps, in real-time.VISIT MCAFEE

McAfee Mobile Security: Keeping Your Private Data Private

Basically, the protective measures offered by Capsule are also covered by McAfee Mobile Security.

It protects you when you connect to a public Wi-Fi spot, it keeps viruses out the door, and it guards your social media accounts and your important financial info. On top of that, it features some nice additional options, like the anti-theft feature that locks your phone, sends an alarm and even takes a snapshot of anyone trying to access your phone, using the device’s camera.

McAfee Mobile Security is also equipped with a battery optimizer that improves the phone’s performance.

The Mobile Security app is easily manageable, but it does require you to respond to notifications. If you don’t, your phone may end up being less secure than you thought when you installed the app. It requires just a little adjustment, because you see the notifications on the app icon. If you save the app on your home screen, you should be more than safe.

Mobile Protection as Part of a Total Security Suite

Both apps offer a free version, the ZoneAlarm Capsule in the shape of a 7-day trial period, the McAfee Mobile Security in the shape of a slightly simplified free version. Needless to say that for both apps, the premium version is the most recommended option. Costs vary a little, based on the payment model you choose, but in general you rarely pay more than $30 for a year’s worth of protection – for any mobile security app.
The best idea, however, might actually be to purchase a full Antivirus Security Suite, of which the mobile security component is (an increasingly important) part.

This is definitely the most cost-effective way to get your mobile device secured – along with all your other devices!

Android Antivirus Apps – A Final Note

A lot has been written about whether you really need antivirus apps on your Android smartphone or tablet. It depends on your online behavior, but if you install the occasional app, perform bank and credit card transactions on your phone and use social media and messaging apps, it makes sense to protect your device.

It is a simple fact that malware has grown into a much greater concern over the years, and holes in your phone’s protection will undoubtedly lead to security breaches. Don’t let it happen to you – protect yourself with a mobile security app. You can’t go wrong with the apps discussed above.

Based on our test, we have a slight preference for McAfee’s Mobile Security app, but we can highly recommend the ZoneAlarm Capsule app, too.

Alex Patel

Alex has paved a successful path as a software developer, with eight years of experience in the field. He is a master in his field, specializing in developing software components and improving malware detection. Alex has acquired vast knowledge in the area of cyber security, and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge.

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