The Perks Of Having Backup Software On Your Pc

“Back Up” is a feature that is becoming more popular among security suites these days due to popular demand. There are two different types of backup features so it is important to read all of the product details before purchasing to make sure you’re getting what you want.

Restore Backup

The more common type of backup feature saves crucial files your computer needs in order to work, like your operating system. The “restore backup” feature works differently in different products, but the idea remains the same, and that is saving your crucial files on a regular basis so that you can do a system restore if the computer crashes.

Why is It Important?

Some malware programs corrupt crucial files that prevent your system from booting and erasing them. Even quarantining them can be very difficult because of their sensitive location. The restore backup feature is a solution to this. It saves these files on a regular basis and can simply restore the latest saved backup if any such threat is detected.

Cloud Backup

The second type of backup feature includes a predetermined amount of space in the security company’s cloud where you can store files that are important to you. These files are stored on a secure cloud so you don’t have to worry about any security vulnerabilities, and they are always available to you from any device.

Why is It Important?

Storing your important files on a cloud gives you the added advantage of easy access and it keeps them safe if the computer crashes or is compromised. Another very big advantage is that most of these cloud storage spaces are secure and encrypted, providing added protection for your important files.

Do all Antivirus Products Have a Backup Feature?

Not all products have a backup feature and it is important for you to decide how important these features are to you before purchasing a subscription. A number of security suites provide backup as an additional feature for an added fee, while others require that you purchase a separate product altogether. Make sure to read everything about a security suite before purchasing to make sure you’re getting what you need and want. Read reviews for unbiased information that will help you make an informed decision.

What to Look For in Backup Products or Features

If you’re looking for a restore backup feature, see how often the security suite saves a backup and if you can configure this setting.

For cloud backup, the most important thing is to make sure that your files are stored on a secure and encrypted cloud. After that, see how much space is available to you, if you can increase that space when necessary for an added fee, and if your files can be accessed from additional devices like smartphones or tablets.

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