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  • author: Alex Patel
  • 03.12.18
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Fast, Efficient, and User-Friendly Antivirus Program for Maximum Security Online and Offline.
With 11 offices around the globe and over 200 million active users as of March, 2016, AVG’s reputation for efficient antivirus products precedes it. Founded in 1991, AVG provides products for protection, performance, and privacy for PC, including Win 10, Mac, mobile, and tablets. The AVG Internet Security suite is its leading antivirus product with comprehensive features covering everything a user needs to protect their files and browse safely.

Plans & Pricing

The basic package of Internet Security  is available for use on one computer and can be purchased in a 1 or 2 year subscription



AVG Internet Security  has a wide range of comprehensive features, each adding to the overall protection of your files, information, and privacy without slowing the computer down.

Real-Time Protection and Updates

Internet Security  provides real time protection against viruses, Trojans, spyware, and other malicious threats. In addition to research and development done by AVG, the company collects feedback from users around the globe in order to stay as up to date as possible on new threats. When a new potential threat is discovered, the software is immediately updated to ensure maximum protection when it counts.

Built for Performance and Speed

Simply saying that AVG Internet Security works faster than others is an understatement. There are a number of features at play, each adding to the overall performance of the program.

  • Scans are faster than other antivirus programs due to a smarter scanning sequence in which files are scanned in the order they were saved to the computer. Also, files that have already been scanned in the past and are known to be safe are ignored to further shorten scanning time.
  • Gamers don’t have to turn a “Game Mode” feature on or off when playing. AVG Internet Security  does that automatically by holding off on scans and updates when the user is playing to avoid lags. This does not compromise protection at all, which still works in the background to protect users while they play and even goes as far as protecting the users’ digital profiles within the games to prevent hackers from stealing game awards and items.
  • A smart scanner scans your PC only when you’re not using it so as not to slow you down when you work.

Email Protection

Many attempts to steal personal information and credit card details originate in opportunistic emails or emails apparently sent by known contacts. The Email Protection feature scans your email for any scams and spam and keeps it out of your inbox. It also scans email attachments before you download them and warns you of any possible threats.

Data Safe

A very practical feature for anyone who shares their computer with other users, the Data Safe feature allows you to encrypt and password protect any file.

Ease of use

Modern Design and Easy to Use Interface
All of the features in AVG Internet Security  have a simple on and off switch. Each feature or sub-feature appears in a large and clear square with its status (“Enabled” or “Disabled”) and a short explanation of what it does underneath. By default, when the software is installed, all of the features are already turned on to provide maximum protection against malware and phishing attacks. Users need only download and install the software and forget about it as it works in the background to protect their files, identity, and emails.

Customer support

AVG’s support page includes links to product and feature tutorials, a community forum, and detailed FAQ. Users who need assistance from the technical department can contact them via email, phone, or chat, all of which are available 24/7.

The Final Word

AVG Internet Security is a great product for nearly any user. With features for those who share their computer, an easy to understand and visually appealing design for users without any technical background, and comprehensive security features for online and offline use, it’s reliable solution for all of your security needs.
Visit AVG.com to choose a subscription plan for Internet Security.

Alex Patel

Alex has paved a successful path as a software developer, with eight years of experience in the field. He is a master in his field, specializing in developing software components and improving malware detection. Alex has acquired vast knowledge in the area of cyber security, and is always looking for ways to share his knowledge.

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