Choosing Small Business Antivirus Software

The question isn’t whether your business needs antivirus protection, but which antivirus product will best suit your business. Antivirus software, especially those products designed for business, can vary dramatically, both in the features they offer and in cost. But one thing is certain: leaving the security of your systems and data to chance is a mistake that could cost your business thousands of dollars. To help you decide which product is best for you, these are the five questions you need to ask yourself.

Does it Offer the Protection You Need?

The first – and most important – thing to take into account when choosing a business antivirus product is the level of protection it offers against both existing and newly-emerged viruses and exploits. Threat protection should work right out of the box, but it should still have the flexibility to be configured to the specific needs of your business.

Recommended Antivirus Software for your Small Business

Will it Slow Down Your Computers?

The best antivirus protection is no use to your business if its operation slows down your company’s computers, making it difficult for you and your employees to work efficiently. We always take the performance costs of antivirus products into account when making a recommendation.

Is it Compatible with Your Business’s Devices?

You shouldn’t face any issues with compatibility if you’re running a newer version of Windows on your network. But if your computers predate Windows 7, or if you’re using Linux or Mac OS, you should check carefully that the product you like will function properly. If you use tablets or phones in the operation of your business, you should also make sure the product comes with protection for Android and iOS.

Is it Easy To Set Up and Use?

This is a really important consideration for a lot of small businesses. If your business is not at the stage where you have on-site IT staff, it’s important to know that you can install and configure the software without having to resort to hiring a third-party IT contractor. And once the antivirus is set up, how easy will it be to run and maintain? The best antivirus for small business needs should be easy to set up, and operate in the background without casuing disruption.

Will you Receive the Support You Need?

It doesn’t matter how user-friendly a piece of antivirus software is, at some point you’re going to need the help of the company’s customer support team. The less technical know-how you (and your employees) have, the more important this should be to you. Things to look out for include 24/7 availability, phone or live chat support, and whether there is a charge for technical support. Find the best antivirus product for your small business by checking out our up-to-date ranking at the top of this page. Read the reviews for a more in-depth look at each product and check out our comparison tool to quickly compare the functionality of each.

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