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There are many product designed to tune up your PC and improve performance. This is generally referred to as “PC optimization”. These days, some antivirus products even have PC tuneup features in addition to the security features that they provide.

What is Tuneup?

Tuneup is just as the name implies – it tunes up your computer. The tuneup feature will refine, manage and enhance your computers performance by scanning your computer and providing you with options on what action to take to speed up performance.

What Does Tuneup Do?

Different tuneup products work in different ways and have slightly different features. A good tuneup feature will provide you with comprehensive control over the performance of your PC. It will scan your computer and inform you of useless files that can be erased, temporary files that should be erased, and even registry files that are not in use.

Additional, more advanced, tuneup features include checking your computer drives to see that they are all updated and even giving you detailed performance reports on a regular basis.

Why is It Important?

Every day when you browse the web, download files, and work on your PC, files that you don’t really need are added to your computer. These include registries, temporary files, deleted files, and more floating around your computer taking up memory space. By erasing these files before they pile up, you can keep your computer working faster and more efficiently.

PC speed and performance are not the only factors at play here, there is also a security advantage to tuneup features, which is why they are being seen more and more in security suites. Erasing unnecessary files and making sure all programs and drives are updated gives you added security against vulnerabilities and threats. Drives that are not updated not only work less efficiently, but also may contain security vulnerabilities that would only be detected by the most recent updates.

Is Tuneup Only For the Tech Savvy?

Some tuneup products are very advanced and have many features that require users to have technological knowledge and experience. Others have 1-click features that don’t require any technological skill or knowledge whatsoever. Make sure to read reviews and product descriptions thoroughly before purchasing.

Is Tuneup a “Must Have” Feature?

If you find a security suite that is perfect for your needs and provides you with complete security against all threats, but doesn’t have a tuneup feature – don’t let that stop you. While tuneup features are important, they can be done manually if you have the time. If you do end up getting an antivirus product without PC tuneup or PC optimization, you can either get a separate PC Tuneup product or take additional measures yourself to stay secure while enhancing your computer’s performance. This includes always making sure your drives, operating system, browsers, and all programs and add-ons are updated, and spending a few minutes every few days to empty your recycle bin, erase temporary files and registries you don’t need, and erasing the cookies, cache, and history in your browser.

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